Workshop 1:
»Eine Einführung in die Spektralanalyse und Auswertung von ereigniskorrelierten Potentialen im EEG (An introduction into spectral analysis and analysis of event-related potentials in the EEG)«

Speaker: Dr. Ewald Naumann
Room: D 324, Campus I, Building D, Trier University

This workshop is aimed at novice EEG-researchers and covers the basics of spectral analysis of EEG-data and the analysis of event-related potentials and necessary preprocessing steps (e.g. artifact correction and filtering). Practical exercises will be completed using the software Brain Vision Analyzer and a dataset provided for this purpose.
This workshop is financially supported by the company MES Forschungsysteme, Gilching, and can thus be offered at a reduced cost.

Workshop 2:
»An introduction to Bayesian statistics with practice examples in JASP«

Speaker: Dr. Anna-Lena Schubert
Room: Library of the Institute of Psychobiology, Johanniterufer 15, 54290 Trier

This workshop offers an introduction to Bayesian statistics. It covers the basics of Bayesian inferential statistics, how to handle priors and assumptions, as well as practical differences between frequentist and Bayesian statistics. Practice examples will be conducted with the software JASP.

Anna-Lena Schubert: Studied psychology from 2007-2012 at the University of Heidelberg and is a research associate in the lab of Prof. Dirk Hagemann since 2012. She finished her PhD in July 2016 on the relation between information processing speed and intelligence. From August to December 2016 she worked with Joachim Vandekerckhove at the Cognition and Individual Differences Lab at the University of California, Irvine on a Bayesian cognitive latent variable model for the simultaneous analysis of electrophysiological and behavioral data.

Important note: For further information on these workshops, please consult the following website.