Tuesday, June 13, 2017
1-6pm Pre-Conference Workshops EEG (University campus, building D, room D324)
Pre-Conference Workshops Bayesian statistics (Johanniterufer 15, room J2.110)
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
9am-1pm Pre-conference workshops EEG (University campus, building D, room D324)
Pre-conference workshops Bayesian statistics (Johanniterufer, room J2.110)
2-6pm Young scientist meeting (Priesterseminar, Promotionsaula)
6-10pm Welcome reception & registration (Trierer Petrusbräu, Kalenfelsstr. 2, 54290 Trier)
Thursday, June 15, 2017
(Uni-campus, building AB)
Symposia group I

Golm & Kumsta, HS 1
»Stress and the brain – effects of type and timing of adversity on brain structure and function«

Paret & Morawetz, A 9/10
»Psychophysiologische, neuronale und klinische Aspekte der kognitiven Emotionsregulation«

Krüger & Mier, A 8
»Neurobiology of social behavior«

coffee break
Short offical welcome and »organizational stuff«, HS 3
Keynote-lecture Prof. Terry Blumenthal: »What we know (and do not know) about prepulse inhibition of startle« (HS 3)
11:30 am-1pm
Symposia group II

Bertsch & Lange, HS 1
»Oxytocin und das soziale Gehirn«

Hartwigsen & Bergmann, A 9/10
»Transcranial brain stimulation in psychology: from neural mechanisms to cognitive function«

Lass-Hennemann & Kühl, A 8
»The detrimental effects of stress hormones on cognitive processes and their potential benefit as a cognitive enhancer of psychotherapy: experimental studies in patients and healthy controls«

13:00-14:00 Lunch break (a small lunch will be provided)
Meeting of subject section »Biological Psychology« (with lunch), A 9/10
14:00-15:30 Poster-session A (appr. 85 posters)
15:30-16:00 coffee break
16:00-17:30 Symposia group III

Heinrich & Domes, HS 1
»Oxytocin und menschliches Verhalten: Soziale, psychomotorische und neuronale Mechanismen«

Wingenfeld & Wolf, A 9/10
»Wie unser Gehirn unter Stress arbeitet – Neue Bildgebungsbefunde bei gesunden Probanden und Patienten mit Borderline Persönlichkeitsstörung«

Strahler & Moser, A 8
»Sport als Stresspuffer: Biologische Mechanismen und Moderatoren«

17:30-18:30 Award presentation, A 9/10
18:30-19:30 General assembly of DGPA members, A 9/10
Friday, June 16, 2017
(Uni-campus, building AB)
08:30-10am Symposia group IV

Schwabe, HS 1
»Stress x gene interactions«

Schneider, A 9/10
»The functional organization of visual working memory: New evidence by EEG and MEG approaches«

Enge & Strobel, A 8
»Biologische Korrelate dispositioneller Unterschiede in kontrolliertem vs.impulsivem Verhalten«

10-10:30am coffee break
10:30-10:40am Greeting by the president of Trier University, Prof. Jäckel, HS 3
10:40-11:30am Keynote-lecture Prof. Herta Flor: »Learning, memory and brain plasticity: implications for behavior change« (HS 3)
11:30am-1pm Symposia group V

Schächinger & Domes, HS 1
»Stress Induction Methods: How to Perform a Stress Test – Concepts and Validation«

Bleichner, A 9/10
»Methods in Neuropsychology«

Lischke & Radke, A 8
»Multimodal investigation of trustworthiness and dominance processing – from perception to action«

1-2:30pm Lunch (lower floor of canteen)

Young Scientists’ roundtable with experts and lunch (hosted by the subject sections »Biological Psychology« and »Neuropsychology«), B 13

2:30-4pm Poster-session B (appr. 85 posters)
4-4:30pm Coffee break
4:30-6pm Symposia group VI

von Dawans & Wieser, HS 1
»Stress und Bedrohung bei sozialer Angst: von psychobiologischen Grundlagen der Verarbeitung zu sozialer Interaktion«

Reuter, A 9/10
»Molekulargenetik interindividueller Differenzen«

Schulz, A 8
»Interozeption und Stress: die Psychophysiologie der bi-direktionalen Kommunikation auf der Hirn-Körper-Achse«

7:30pm-12:00am Social evening at Europäische Kunstakademie Trier
Saturday, June 17, 2017
(Uni-campus, building AB)
Symposia group VII

Bublatzky, HS 1
»News from face and person perception: Linking electrocortical activity, emotion, and behavior«

Regenbogen & Rodriguez, A 9/10
»Human communication via chemosensory signals«

Posterblitz, A 8

 10:30-11am Coffee break
 11am-12pm Keynote-lecture Prof. Jens Prüssner: »Bidirectional effects of early life adversity on stress system regulation – in search for a comprehensive theory« (HS 3)
 12-1:30pm Symposia group VIII

Wüst & Kumsta, HS 1
»Genetic approaches to psychobiological stress research in humans«

Lonsdorf & Merz, A 9/10
»More than just noise: Individual differences in fear acquisition, generalization and extinction«

Dresler & Herrmann, A 8
»Klinische Anwendungsmöglichkeiten der funktionellen Nahinfrarotspektroskopie (fNIRS)«

 1:30-1:40pm Farewell

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