Congress and Social Program

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Young Scientists’ Posterblitz-talks

1. Historic city tour with wine tasting

A historic guided tour of the city of Trier will highlight the connections between wine and history. The tour will be enriched by a tasting of three varieties of wine and one sparkling wine from the Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier.
Meeting point: Bischöfliche Weingüter, Gervasiusstr. 1, 54290 Trier.
The appointed date will be Thursday, June 15 2017, 7:30pm Gervasiusstr. 1. If you are interested, please sign up for the tour no latr than June12, 2017 via email:





5-10 people: 30€/person
11-30 people: 20€/person

Guided and elucidated wine tasting (three varieties of wine and sparkling wine), guided tour through Trier’s historic districts (by foot). Duration: two hours

Bischöflichen Weingüter, Gervasiusstr. 1, 54290 Trier.


2. Guided tour through the university-owned art gallery »» generator 2016

The team if the university’s art history department would like to invite you to a guided tour through its art gallery »» generator Ι medienkunstlabor trier.
The tour will take place on Thursday, June 15 2017, 7:30pm on Campus II. Interested people should write to the following email address until June 12, 2017:






Today, the catacombs underneath Trier University on our second campus are the only place where the history of the building is still alive. Originally utilized as heating and power station for the former military hospital of the French Garrison in Trier – the space has remained untouched after the French troops left in 1992. Until today, the former coal storage und the heating plant are bearing traces of their original utilization. These historical traces have become the backdrop for a new setting: In 2015, we transferred the site to an exhibition-space for projects in light and media art: the »» generator was initiated.
The current exhibition features the light installation LOREM IPSUM by internationally renowned artists Hartung und Trenz. This installation uses 24 slide projectors and bathes the former power plant into light, using text fragments to cover walls, floor and ceiling. This text-projection’s basis is dummy text or lorem ipsum text – a text which is based on the work of Cicero and that stands as pars pro toto for the gallery’s future. The entechamber already features a very critic and humoristic handling of dummy text, as is shown by the work of Diana Thomas.
In the former coal cellar features two other works of art show how understanding works through language, light and image. In his 61m long ink drawing »Man Walk« Klaus Maßem shows several sequences of human existence, thus getting to the bottom of an artwork’s limits. This overwhelming work is accompanied by an interactive video installation by JeongHo Park: »Silhouette Interference« mirrors the subject of movement and calls for participation.

We look forward to welcoming you at »»generator.
Universität Trier, Campus II, Gebäude F, Behringstr. 21, 54296 Trier

Campus II can easily be reached by foot from Campus I, as a foot- and bikepath connects the two. Bus line #4 also connects the two.